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OccluSense® iPad App

The recorded data of the occlusal masticatory distribution can be viewed and stored in the patient management  system of the OccluSense® iPad App, which can be reviewed or exported at any time.

These data can then be viewed as 2-and 3-dimensional graphics with up to 150 images per second. Traditional color transfer on the occlusal facilities the assignment of the recorded data.

Occlusal Pressure Distribution

2D view

Digital Occlusion Analysis

3D view

Occlusal Pressure Digital Analysis

2D & 3D combined

Record, evaluate, organize, compare and export the occlusal recordings.

The OccluSense iPad app can only be run on an Apple iPad. Videos and images of the recordings can be exported from the app to your PC or Mac, even over a local network. For more information, please refer to the Network Guide:
OccluSense iPad App digital occlusal recording
OccluSense iPad App available in the Apple App Store

The OccluSense® iPad App is free of charge to download from the Apple AppStore.

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