Digital Occlusion

for everyone.

OccluSense® Handheld


Use like articulating paper. 

Record occlusal pressure.

OccluSense® Electronic Pressure Sensor


Free download available in the Apple App Store.

The OccluSense® iPad App


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The complete set in the blue case.



Clear visual representation of the masticatory pressure distribution, digitally on your iPad. Additionally, contact points are being marked on your patient's teeth.  Quick determination of the occlusal status. Localize hyperbalances and premature contacts. Early detection of dysfunctions in static and dynamic occlusion.


Record the dynamic occlusion of your patient. Each recording is automatically saved in the app. The OccluSense® iPad App is the ideal application to evaluate, compare, organize and export the occlusal recordings of your respective patient.


Improved patient communication and education by easy-to-understand graphical representation of contact points and percentage distribution of the occlusal forces over the entire dental arch.


Effective and time-saving. Combination of digital and traditional occlusion control in just one step. Benefit from decades of experience of

Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG, 

manufacturing occlusion test materials since 1953.

Image by Setyaki Irham

"Chapeau! Promises kept.

For me, OccluSense® is one of the greatest innovations in dentistry recently."

- Dr. Hubert Redelberger


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